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Voice/Speech & Dialect Coaching

I am committed  to helping actors, performers, and professionals develop and perfect their dialect skills. Whether you need to master a specific accent for a role or improve your overall communication skills, I amhere to help. My customized approach ensures that you receive the support and guidance you need to reach your goals. From accent reduction to accent acquisition, I have the expertise to help you succeed. Don't let dialect barriers hold you back, contact me today to schedule your first session!

Recent Projects

Client Testimonials

Claire S., CA

“Bibi is kind, attentive and thorough. Her approach is direct and effective. I am a non-native English speaker and the work we did together empowered me to approach the General American accent with confidence.”

Kamau M., NY

"Bibi is an incredible dialect coach! She gives a “catch phrase” in which she pulls certain words from a monologue for example and creates a simple sentence from it which helps me land into the dialect further. She knows the phonetic chart like the back of her hand, and is so patient and graceful through one’s process. She is a dialect coach worth working with."

Lisa O., Executive

“It was my first time working with a speech coach and Bibi was so amazing. She really helped me feel so prepared and relaxed. Thank you for all of your help.” 
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